Why Glossy Eyelids Are The Best Makeup Trend

we love this simple makeup look

The trend of glossy eyelids has been gracing the high-fashion runways for some time now, but recently, the craze is transitioning into an everyday approved look… and we are totally OK with it.

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What’s so cool about glossy lids is that you can literally pair the look with everything. Try a sheer glossy lid paired with tinted moisturizer, light mascara and a peachy blush to be school, office or weekend brunch appropriate.

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Vamp up the trend by adding a colored eye shadow before applying the gloss and pair the look with a little contour, defined eyebrows and a pronounced lip to SHINE for any special occasion.

What makes us love glossy lids even more is that you can complete an “it girl” look in under 5 minutes.  Wash face, moisturize, gloss lids, apply lip color, fluff hair – DONE!

A beauty trend this effortless (yet chic) is a girl’s best friend. Let’s cross our fingers that it’s here to stay. Happy beautifying!

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Featured Image Source: ELLE