Glow in the Dark Hair Is Absolutely Unreal

In the best way

If you thought the rainbow hair trend couldn’t get more intense, you were so, so wrong. Behold glow in the dark hair, which involves using black light-sensitive neon dye to make hair that *literally* glows in the dark.

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The results are a ’90s skating rink fantasy come true.


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Recently, stylist/hair magician Guy Tang took the glow in the dark trend to another level, as Allure reports.

In the light, the dye job looks like beautiful alien lava.


In the dark, under the glow of a black light? It looks like it can’t actually be hair. It’s seems almost as if she deep conditioned her hair in the liquid inside a glow stick.


The glow stick thing isn’t even remotely accurate, of course. Tang documented the very involved process on YouTube, which you can watch here (but word to the wise — the video isn’t a tutorial because you should not try this at home. If you want hair like this, pay a professional because your bleached locks will thank you for it).