It’s Official: Grown-Out Roots Are the Latest Hair Trend

It's now OK to delay your hair appointment

If you usually rush to book your next salon appointment at the first sight of your roots peeking out, we have some good news for you: grown-out roots just got really, really rad. After years of ombre and balayage sun-kissed color treatments, an extra inch or two of your natural hair is now not only super on trend, but it will also give your bank account a break.

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Don’t believe us? Below is a list of celebs who are rocking the lazy girl hair trend, and how you can make your mane look awesome!


1. It Adds Some Dimension

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Whether you’re a natural or bottled blonde, letting your roots grow in will add some added depth to your lighter locks.


2. Let Your Fringe Do the Talking

If you’re rockin’ bangs and you’re a bit shy to try the trend, then try just letting your roots grow out from your fringe. It’ll make the transition super breezy.


3.  Blend ‘Em In

As your roots grow out, ask your stylist for a shadowed root highlight that will help soften the color to help blend in with the rest of your mane. This trick will also make growing out your hair color way easier too!


4. Keep It Polished

Kylie is a master at showing us how to grow out our roots by keeping her whole look polished. A side parting, perfectly groomed eyebrows, and clean makeup keeps the look sophisticated and clean.


5. Grow It All Out

If you’re looking for a totally different look, then embrace the growing-out-roots look full on. Let your hair grow further than a couple of inches — we’re talking about half of your hair length here — for something more fun and flirty.


6. Rock Your Curls

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then consider yourself #blessed. Growing out roots look less obvious amid tons of ringlets and waves.


7. Pick a Pixie

Roots have nowhere to hide with super short hair, so if you’re wearing a pixie cut right now, show off those roots proudly! On the flip side, if you’re looking for a hair change both in length and color, then a cropped look could be what you’re looking for.


8. Add a Glaze

If you don’t want your roots showing to be super obvious — but still want to show ’em off — try a semi-permanent tinted glaze that will blend your dyed color with your natural color.


9. Go Ombre

Ombre is still a go-to look for your locks, so turning your growing out roots into a beautiful ombre look is your best bet. Ask your stylist to help ease the transition, and before you know it, you won’t even notice your roots.


10. Stay More Natural

If you’re still not sure whether you want to show off your roots, then it’s best to stick to a color that’s really close to your natural hue. That way, as your hair starts to grow, your roots won’t be as noticeable and you won’t have to worry. So next time you’re at the salon, request a simple shift in your shade.

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