6 Hair Colors That Don’t Require Tons of Touch Ups

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6 Hair Colors That Don't Require Tons of Touch Ups


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As much as we love creative and colorful hair trends, like pumpkin spice and unicorn locks, there’s one thing that we don’t really love: crazy touch-ups. Keeping your hair fresh and bright requires commitment and a standing appointment with your hair stylist, which requires time and $$$.

So if you’d rather not spend your Saturdays at the salon, but still want a new cool hue for your hair, here are six low-maintenance hair colors that don’t require a ton of touch ups. Hallelujah!


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1. Ooh La La Ombre

Ombre was basically made for lazy-yet-stylish girls who always manage to look ultra fresh. Whether you have curly or straight hair, a dark-to-light contrast is not only really pretty, but is also super easy to maintain. Plus, no one can ever tell — or cares — whether you’re growing your roots out or not — you still look rad! You can even keep your roots dark and simply weave in blonde and caramel highlights throughout your hair too for a more subtle look.


2. Beautiful Black

If you’ve ever wanted to explore your dark side, dyeing your hair black is a must. Not only will you be able to skip the constant bleaching sessions at your colorist’s, but you’ll easily be able to go at least eight to ten weeks without a touch-up. Plus, the inky hue is both super edgy and elegant, so you’ll be able to rock all sorts of looks with it.


3. So Cute Strawberry Blonde

If you’re a natural blonde, you might want to try anything and everything because you’ve been #blessed with lighter locks (and, therefore, are not in need of bleaching, you lucky duck). However, if you want to explore something with less upkeep, your best bet is going strawberry blonde. It makes a statement, while making your mornings way easier.


4. Chic Copper

Dyeing your head red a la The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel is super hard to maintain, however going copper — red’s less brash cousin — is the next best thing. It will give you that spicy, ginger-y look that you’re going for, while also being really easy to fade out.


5. Flirty Face-Framing Highlights

Keep your base color au natural while you explore with a few subtle face-framing highlights that will definitely brighten up your look. If you want to get a little bit more technical, try strobing. A lighter hue that “shimmers” is added where sunlight naturally hits your hair, along with slightly darker and lighter shades around it. It adds dimension and a definite “wow” factor.


6. Totally Natural Tonal Color

The truth is, when it comes to dyeing your hair, nothing is more easier than sticking close to your natural color. Try not to go further than two shades darker or lighter, and not only will your hair color pop, but you should also be able to keep your salon appointments to a minimum.