Hair Trends That Are Going to Be HUGE This Year

New Year, New 'Do

Like breakups and the start of a new school semester, a new year is the best excuse for a hair update. While 2016 was all about retro styles — like the chic bob that was everywhere — 2017 is all about working with what you have in the present. So if you’re scared to make a huge chop, you can relax. The new year is all about making the most out of the mane you have right now.

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Here are the huge hair trends in 2017 that will have you rushing to your hair salon FAST!


Eye-Skimming Bangs

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We know: deciding whether to get bangs or not is a major decision, and we all applaud those brave souls who actually go through it. Thankfully, 2017’s bangs are perfect for both those who are hesitant to chop their bangs and those who are growing out their bangs.


Festival Hair for Days

Let the Coachella vibes linger on with this lowkey look. Apply mousse to create volume, blow dry your tresses out, and then divide your hair down the middle with loose fishtail braids. Then say goodbye to winter, and hellloooo to spring!


Embrace Your Natural Texture

Put down your flat and curling irons, friends. The new year is all about embracing the natural you, which, yes, includes your natural hair. 2017 is all about working with Mother Nature — not against her. If you need some advice on the right products and/or cut that will bring out the best in your hair, don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist for tips. But remember: less is more!


High Haute Ponytail

Are you seeing a trend here? It’s all about easy glam in 2017 and no better hairstyle reflects that than the high ponytail. To achieve major height, spray thickening spray at the roots and brush your hair up towards the crown. Then secure the tail with two elastics to secure its volume. You can flat iron the ponytail, or leave as is. Finish off with a light hair spray.


Mid-Length Chop

Years past we’ve seen the bob and lob, but in 2017 it’s all about the…mob? Think a mid-length chop but with lots of loose layers. Except this isn’t Rachel Green’s hair. Instead think loose, textured layers for a super casual, but chic look.


Beautiful Ballerina

Even if you can’t dance like a ballerina, there’s no reason why you can’t look like one. 2017’s ballerina bun is more chic and elegant than years past. Instead of your go-to messy bun, this one is more glossy. Section your hair into two ponytails — top and bottom — then twist both ponytails around the base counter-clockwise and secure with bobby pins. Finish off with a shine spray.


Loooong Hair

For those who made the big chop last year, not surprisingly you’re desperate to grow out your mane. 2017 knows this. That’s why one of the biggest upcoming hair trends is a one-length and long look with tons of sheen. After the ups and downs of growing out, your hair certainly deserves to be shown off!