Here’s How to Get Your Hands On any MAC Lipstick You Want for Free

Because Christmas is here early, we guess

Do not throw away your old MAC containers. We repeat: Do. Not. Throw. Away. Your. Old. MAC. Containers. Why? Because they could earn you free makeup, that’s why.

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According to Cosmo, MAC’s Back to MAC recycling program is the Christmas miracle you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how it works: Just send in six used MAC containers (and these can be for any product — lipstick tubes, compacts, anything that your MAC makeup comes in) and they’ll hand you any shade of the company’s classic lipstick for zero dollars.

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The whole process takes place online. Go to MAC’s site, tell them what six containers you plan to return and rank your three favorite lipstick colors (because, obviously, there’s going to be high demand for this program and they might run out of some shades) and you’re set. Tell MAC your shipping address (duh), mail off your recycled containers and prepare for a magical package in your near future.

Featured Image Source: Simply Auna