Here’s How You Can Contour Your Lipstick

Plump up Your Pout

Contouring our faces opened up a whole new world for us – and being able to create new angles and shadows to give our faces dimension was just the beginning. Now lips get to join in on the fun! Here’s how to contour your lips for a perfect pout.

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The basics of lip contouring are the same as facial contouring – dark color creates shadow and light color commands attention. To make your lips appear fuller, concentrate a darker shade of lipstick on the outer corners of your lips and lighter shades in the center.

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You don’t have to limit yourself to just using lipstick to create depth and dimension. Powder shadow and highlighter can be used as contour tools as well! Add a dab of your favorite highlighter to the center of your lips to draw attention and make them look fuller.

Dab a dark pigment into the corners of your mouth blending toward the center of your lips to add shadow.

Play with different shades to create two-toned or ombre lips. Mix and match the shades you already have in your makeup collection for whole new looks and a perfect pout!