Here’s Why People Are Putting Their Falsies on Backwards

It's an easy way to add drama to your lashes

Makeup artist Pablo Rodriguez, who’s worked with ELLE UK, Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, and Glamour Germany just to name a few, has kicked off a huge new trend in eye makeup: flipping your falsies.

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In a recent Instagram photo, Rodriguez showed a model from an editorial shoot with very striking lashes (not to mention trendy pink eye shadow).


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With the thick tips, the end result is just the right amount of spidery with a little bit of a Twiggy vibe.

Try Flipping Your Falsies for a New Look Twiggy gif

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To recreate the look, literally all you have to do is glue your false eye lashes on backwards. Either buy individual lashes, or cut up a full strip. Then, apply the glue onto the tips of the lashes, and apply them to your lash line. Rodriguez used the M.A.C 30 Lash.

Try Flipping Your Falsies for a New Look MAC lashes

Image source: MAC

Try it on the top and the bottom for a more extreme look, or just on the top for a little extra fun.

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