There’s a Highlighter That Looks and Feels Just Like Silly Putty

The 90's girl inside you won't be able to resist

It feels like 90’s nostalgia has been having a huge impact on the beauty world lately. With Lisa Frank makeup collaborations and space buns happening, it’s like we’ve been transported back to the days of Clueless. Fitting right into the nostalgia trend is Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighter, which looks and feels exactly like Silly Putty.

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Remember opening a fresh plastic egg filled with Silly Putty as a kid and immediately stretching it, squishing it, and even transferring newspaper print onto it? Well, now you can experience that fun again every time you want to get your strobe on (well, minus the newspaper part—that might mess up your look).

silly putty highlighter stila heaven's hue gif

Image Source: Marie Claire

The highlighter from Stila comes in three different shades: “Transcendence” (opalescent pink), “Kitten” (shimmering nude pink), and “Bronze” (sunkissed glow). A step up from a plastic egg, the shades all come in beautiful gold packaging.

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silly putty highlighter stila heaven's hue shades

Image Source: Really Ree

Heaven’s Hue Highlighters have been available from Stila for a while, but they really caught on when makeup YouTuber Laura Lee posted a video about them and their amazing Silly Putty-like texture.

If you want to experience the putty strobing effect for yourself, grab one of Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighters from Sephora.

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