Holiday Presents Your BFF/Sister/Mom Will Love

Giving is so much more fun than receiving

The Holidays are upon us! Get ahead of the game and start planning your presents now so your #presentgamestrong for December. We’ve decided to make it easier on you by picking out gifts that will be perfect for everyone on your list.

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1 Limited Edition Holiday Collection Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balms $8.99

This three pack of cult favorite Eos lip balms is almost too cute to open.

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2 Bath Truffle Collection $20.00

Everyone loves to be pampered occasionally. If you’re searching for a gift, ask yourself, do they like baths? Bath truffles. Do they like cute packaging? Bath truffles. Do they love emerging from the water with soft skin? Bath truffles. The answer is always bath truffles.

3. Fresh Mini Mask Spa $93.00

Fresh creates high-quality products that generally receive glowing reviews. Everyone has a face-mask maniac in their family, and this gift is practically screaming their name. The Fresh Mini Mask Spa includes five of Fresh’s most popular face masks that is perfect for travel.

4. Maybelline Dare to Graffiti Holiday Kit $13.99

A cool palette like this is perfect for a sibling or cousin! The colors guarantee they will be able to create a look as unique as they are.

5. Fluffy Socks $8.00

Everyone loves toasty feet in the winter. Socks are almost always one size fits all, and they come in so many comfy styles. Aloe-infused socks add moisture and promote healing. Fleece lined socks add an extra layer of cushion and warmth, almost like you’re wearing slippers!

6. Custom Perfume $80
A thoughtful and creative gift is to design a perfume just for the recipient! Websites like Unique Fragrance let you pick the notes and even design the bottle. You can bet nobody else will get them the same thing!
Holiday Prezzies Your Mom/Sister/BFF Will Love: Perfume Pixabay


Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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