How To Do A Complete Makeup Detox

Clean your collection from the inside out

Your makeup is probably gross. You may think that you’re taking great care of your perfectly organized collection, but products and brushes can harbor lots of unseen germs and dirt that is doing no favors for your face! It’s time to take care of your products and tools with a complete makeup detox.

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Wash Your Brushes
There are tons of reasons why a clean makeup brush is a happy makeup brush. It keeps your colors from mixing, makes your makeup apply more smoothly, and spreads fewer bacteria around your face. Washing your brushes doesn’t have to be boring – there are products to make your brush bath fun! Isn’t it sooo satisfying to see all the old makeup wash out of your brushes?
How to Do A Complete Makeup Detox: Brushes


Wash Your Hands Before You Apply Makeup
This one’s simple. If you use your fingers on your face, they should be clean! Even if you plan on using brushes to apply your makeup, clean hands can help to avoid the spread of bacteria if your hand brushes your face.

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Use Safe Practices
Sharing is NOT caring when it comes to makeup. Anything that touches your skin or mucous membranes (like the ones in your eyes, nose, and mouth) shouldn’t be passed from person to person, or you risk getting infection. So go ahead and be selfish – your health will thank you.


Throw Away Old Makeup
Makeup isn’t meant to last forever. Even if you have a lot of product left in your mascara tube, it could be teeming with harmful bacteria that you might apply to your lashes. Don’t risk infection! Check out this infographic to see how long you should keep your products. I’m sorry, eyeshadow from 5th grade. It’s time to part ways.



Keeping your makeup collection clean doesn’t take much time and will keep your products in good condition for longer. Get into the habit of caring for your makeup, and it will care for you right back!