How to Fix The Damage After You’ve Slept With Your Makeup On

Learn How to Care For Your Skin

So you’ve done the worst thing you could do to your beautiful face: you went out with friends, came home late and decided to crash before washing your face. Hey, we’ve all been there. But going to bed without removing your makeup doesn’t mean that you’re free to keep doing your normal routine. You’ve got to do some serious damage control! If you’ve slept in layers of makeup, follow these steps to make sure your skin is flawless!

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1. Wash Twice

Before you do anything, anything at all, you’ve got to wash your face. If you’re waking up after a nap or after a night’s rest, you need to get that makeup off ASAP. Resist all urges to pick, pop, and prod your skin. Your first wash should start with an oil cleanser (or just straight up oil, like coconut oil). This will help remove all of that makeup you left on. Now, you’re going to want to clean your bare skin. Use a foaming cleanser (for oily skin) or cream cleanser (for acne-prone skin). Gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

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2. Assess The Damage

So we’ve removed the makeup and all that stuff causing the damage to your skin. Now we can see what’s really going on! You might see some blackheads and clusters of clogged pores (as per usual), but you may also see dryness, flakiness, and brand new blemishes after a night of sleeping in your makeup. Assess which part of your skin pay need a little more TLC than the rest.

3. Time to Medicate

Now’s the time to treat your oh-so-delicate skin. The best remedy? Face masks, face masks, and more face masks. Face masks, while so great for your skin, take awhile to treat. Luckily, they can help stop a breakout dead in its tracks! While you can cover your face in a single mask, why not mix and match? Maybe cover up the oily parts with a mud mask, a peel mask for blackheads and a hydrating mask for irritated or red skin.

4. Walk Away

Now that you’ve washed your mask off, patted dry and moisturized, you’re probably dying to squeeze and pick at those blackheads and pimples. DON’T DO IT! You don’t want to ruin your already irritated skin. Let all of that hard work you just put into your skin do the work and relax. If there are certain pimples that are driving you crazy, apply some benzoyl peroxide formula beneath your moisturizing oil, then let it be!

5. Continue Your Beauty Regimen

And you thought the work was done… Now is the time to be more diligent than ever. The next time you apply make up, make sure to remove it before bed! We know, easier said than done. It’s hard to have a full schedule and have the time to take care of your face every single night. But there are easy-to-use makeup removers that cut the time in half. Try using makeup-remover cloths, rubbing coconut oil on your eyes or simply applying less makeup!