How to Get Beyoncé’s Perfect Purple Lip

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Beyoncé has dominated the news since she dropped the announcement that she was pregnant again, but this time with TWINS. If you’re looking to bring some Bey-inspired beauty into your life, People has a great tutorial for how to get her perfect purple lip (you know the one—from the “No Angel” video).

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To get the actual inside scoop, people turned to Bey’s makeup artist, L’Oreal pro Sir John. Sir John explains that the key is to go for a no-makeup-makeup look for the eyes, complete with a matte shadow in place of eyeliner.

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“Matte shades are like an optical illusion,” he told People. “They absorb light and allow you to hide imperfections and add shape. They’re like the Spanx of makeup.”

For those signature lips, Sir John says he uses Urban Decay lip liner in Speedball all over and over-lines the top lip because it “creates a bee stung effect — even on girls with full lips.” And as for the color? He recommends a blue-based magenta shade, and he applies it with his finger, tapping it onto the lips to make them look fuller.

You can head over to People for their official tutorial, or check out one of the other amazing fan-made tutorials available on YouTube, like this one by YouTuber R E A N N E.


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