How to Get the Glossy Face Look

You Glow, girl

Now is the time to embrace your shine, friends — and that includes the shine on your pretty face. That’s because when it comes to recent beauty trends, it seems the dewier your face looks, the better. Say good bye to “greasy,” and say hellooooo to “glowy.”

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To achieve this stunning shiny look — without looking sweaty — follow our easy steps below, and shine on!


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1. Use Glycerin as Your Blush

Glycerin is almost always the main moisturizing ingredient in most beauty products. It works by absorbing water from the air or the surface of your skin into your skin. Using a single drop on your makeup brush, apply to the apples of your cheeks up to the outer edge of your eye for that dewy look. Walmart, $3.88.


2. A Highlighter is a Must

Highlighters are awesome because they create instant luminosity and brighten the skin. Use a barely-there highlighter to create perfect sheen around your brow bones, jaw line, or wherever you want a touch of gleam. No makeup lovers love Perricone MD’s No Highlighter Highlighter, available at Sephora, $35.


3. Glossify Your Eyelids

Your eyes will pop with a glossy, shiny wet-looking eye makeup. After applying a small dab of primer on your lids (you can definitely use your Glycerin for this too!), use an eyeshadow that is already an iridescent creamy formula in a nude or beige-y shade. Try a nude shade in Bobbi Brown’s Long Lasting Cream Shadow, $28.


4. Slick Your Pout

Draw attention to your lips with the right amount of shine. Like the rest of your look, you want to keep your lips as glossy and natural looking as possible. The key here is less stickiness, and more shiny-love! For an affordable and awesome find, try Almay Color Care Liquid Lip in Balm Nudetrients, available at Walgreens for $5.99.