How to Let Your Hair Air Dry and Still Look Amazing

Natural is beautiful

How to Let Your Hair Air Dry and Still Look Amazing


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You don’t have to sacrifice a huge chunk of your morning to battling your hair with hot tools. Natural styles are in, thanks to stars like Alessia Cara — and regardless of your hair type, you can learn to work with your natural look. So put that blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron down, pick up a few choice hair products instead, and still look fabulous.

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Straight hair

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People have always probably told you they’re envious of your naturally straight hair, but truth be told you’ve always had to deal with limp, flat strands when letting it air dry. Yes, a blow dryer can help get you that lift at the roots and curl at the end you love, but the heat and tugging are damaging to your straight tresses.

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To get some height on top after your hair has air dried, flip your head over and spray dry shampoo at the roots; even though your freshly washed hair isn’t oily, the powders in dry shampoo will give it a little lift and keep away any building oils that might weigh it down. Rub it into your roots with your head still flipped over. If your hair continues to feel flat, try parting it on the opposite side as usual for an instant volume injection.

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If you want texture in your straight hair without hot tools, try washing your hair at night and sleeping in braids. Work a texturizing mousse into your wet hair first to ensure the waves stick. Undo them in the morning for a heat-free mermaid look.

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Wavy hair

Some people have to spend hours with a curling iron to get the wavy texture in their hair that you have naturally! All wavy hair needs is a little encouragement while air drying to achieve perfection.

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First, use mousse to start encouraging your waves to form nicely, giving it an all over scrunch with your fingers.

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Then, apply a smoothing serum on just the ends to keep frizz away — you only need a pea sized amount or else you run the danger of looking greasy. Scrunch once more.

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Once your hair is 90% dry, mist a medium hold hairspray all over to lock in your waves so they’ll last all day.

Curly hair

It’s time embrace your beautiful curls and stop fighting them everyday with the flat iron! The foundation of good curls is good moisture, so make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner specifically for curly hair.

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Comb your wet hair in the shower while the conditioner is in, and that’ll be the only time you brush it or else you’ll disrupt the curl formation. Keep that towel away from your wet hair once you step out of the shower, too — no rubbing! Blot it with a microfiber towel if it’s sopping wet.

Spray a leave-in conditioner all over the bottom two-thirds of your hair for some extra moisture, and then start scrunching in a curl defining cream section by section to ensure you get every inch.

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Try not to touch your hair while it’s drying so that the curls form properly without frizz. Once your curls look the way you like, hit them with strong hairspray so they stay looking fabulous all day.

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Now you and your natural hair can go rock the day together!

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