How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lippy

Perfect your pout with nude shades

The perfect nude or neutral lipstick varies from person to person. When your lips need a little oomph but you don’t want a bold color, it’s great to have your go-to neutral. It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the makeup aisle of Target – there are so many shades! Should I match my nail polish color? Find one similar to my skin color?  The TV show The Doctors has even recommended matching your lipstick to another body part. What’s a girl to do?! Get that “your lips but better” look with these tips!

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Tip #1 Don’t match your skin

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Your lips naturally vary in color from the rest of your skin. A common mistake is trying to match your skin tone or even covering your lips with foundation. If you’re experimenting and trying something new, go for it! If you’re trying to get that classic nude lip look – avoid. It will make your face look longer and more dull and drab since you are minimizing color.


Tip #2 Try out a warm tone and a cool tone

Undertones can change the way a color looks on your skin. Try lippies with warm tones to give you a soft and feminine touch, or cool tones for more edge. Bonus: cool undertones make your teeth look whiter!


Tip #3 Experiment with colors

Nude does not always equal beige! You can find nudes in brown, tan, yellow or pink shades. Try out a bunch to expand your go-to nudes collection!

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