How To Pull-Off The Minimal Makeup Look (With Some Makeup)

Because who really woke up like this?!

Even though embracing a natural skin tone and complexion is #goals, we all need a little help from time to time in order to feel our best, right?! Right. So, whether you’re hiking with your crush, going to a pool party or wanting to snap the perfect “I woke up like this” selfie, here is the ultimate list of products for creating a minimal makeup routine.

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First, let’s be real. A no-makeup look is great, but the blemishes gotta go! Use a blemish treatment with concealing properties to not only hide slight imperfections, but to also fight redness and inflammation. Win-win. This Cover FX product comes in ten different colors, so there’s a perfect shade for everybody.

Even on days where it’s nice to let your skin “breath,” protection from the sun is key! A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen is the perfect combination for the base of a simplistic makeup look. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 works on all skin types and leaves your face with a dewy complexion.  (Queue the pool party!)

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Late night out? Rushing to meet your girls for brunch? Don’t let a lack of sleep phase you. Chug some water and put your under eye highlighter to the test! After spot-treating and moisturizing, gently apply a light concealer for a refreshed look.  Try the Clinique Airbrush Concealer to reduce lines and add instant brightness without the thickness of a heavy product.

A great beauty look usually includes a pop of lip color. But, for a natural vibe, stick with something hydrating and glossy.  I’m currently obsessed with Bag Balm, which as the name promises, conveniently fits in a purse, locker or can be kept in a nightstand.  Not only does this product soothe chapped lips and skin, but it also has a therapeutic aroma that’s seriously addicting!

The trick to wearing minimal makeup is using a setting spray that will lock-in coverage and enhance your skin tone.  Play around with your setting spray to see if you prefer using it as a primer or as the finishing touch!  Try the Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray, which is trendy, shine-free and good for your skin.

Voila!  Happy beautifying.