How to Recreate Gigi Hadid’s Chrome Manicure for Less

She paid $2,000 but you can get it for less than $15

When manicure extraordinaire Mary Soul did Gigi Hadid‘s manicure for the Met Gala a few months ago, the bill came in at a whopping $2,000. According to Hollywood Life, Soul used press-on nails to give Gigi length and that perfect almond shape, and she also added three crystals on the underside of each nail for a sparkly surprise. The chrome look was most likely created with chrome powder, a special manicure technique that results in that mirror-like finish.

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Since most of us probably can’t afford to shell out two grand for a manicure, we’ve found a few ways you can recreate Gigi’s look for a fraction of the cost. For a quick and easy DIY, simply paint your nails with a highly reflective coat of chrome nail polish. Try these:

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Essie “No Place Like Chrome”

gig hadid chrome manicure 1

Image source

Sally Hansen “Buffalo Nickel”

gigi hadid chrome manicure 2

Image source

But if you want to take it to the next level and really imitate that shiny metal look, nail wraps are the way to go. Try these:

Jamberry “Metallic Chrome Silver”

gigi hadid chrome manicure 3

Image source

To achieve complete Gigi status, find tiny rhinestones at a crafts store and use nail glue to attach them to the underside of your nails like she did.