How to Stop Your Makeup from Sweating Off


Summer is basically here and that means lots of sunshine and hotter weather. It also means that you need to plan your beauty game accordingly because we are all humans who sweat when it gets too hot out and makeup and sweat don’t always get along.

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Luckily, Bustle talked to experts about how to stop your makeup from sweating off this summer, and they had a LOT of tips for how to stop makeup sweat struggles (11, in fact—check out Bustle’s amazing piece for all the tips).

Here are some of our favorite takeaways from the experts’ advice:

1. Prep your skin with hydration. 

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This is key year-round, but especially during the summer. “First you need to use a pore minimizing or gel moisturizer to help slow down the oil production,” Adriana Martino co-founder of SKINNEY Medspa explained to Bustle. “Second,” she continues, “seal it in with a good hyaluronic acid. I love Medspa in a Bottle’s Water Molecule in a Bottle.”


2. Be aware of your oils.

Your skin’s natural oils are going to play a huge role here, so be aware of your skin type. Use an oil control moisturizer and avoid oil-based makeup, which will just add to the oily equation.


3. Look for high-quality mineral makeup. 

These will cost you a little more, but they’re naturally sweat-proof, according to the experts.

“High quality mineral makeup — that does not contain things like talc as a binding agent — is actually sweat proof. You can always tell the difference between high quality versus low quality mineral makeup by dropping a small amount into a glass of water. The mineral component of mineral makeup will float to the surface of the water, so high quality versions will not have any sediment sink down,”Dr. Sharyn Laughlin, dermatologist and Medical Director of The Sunscreen Company and Laserderm, told Bustle.


4. Look for waterproof makeup. 

It might seem like a “duh” kind of tip when it comes to combatting sweat, but keep in mind that waterproof formulas will hold up better on your sweatiest of days.


5. Always blot.

This step is easy and cheap, since it can be done with everyday tissues or toilet paper in a pinch.

“After you’ve applied foundation, separate a 2-ply tissue and blot your face with it, then lightly powder,”Honey Artists makeup artist Suzy Gerstein told Bustle. “This step removes excess oil, ensuring that it doesn’t sit on top of your face and move your makeup throughout the day. Using a single layer of tissue is important because it leaves behind the perfect amount of pigment.” 


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