Look Good All Summer with Humidity Proof Beauty Products

Glow, don't shine

Look Good All Summer with Humidity Proof Beauty Products


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There are many things we love about summer: the sunshine, the beach, and of course, giant pink flamingo floaties. But there’s one thing we don’t love: the heat and the humidity that comes with it. A hot-sticky day can ruin a blow-out and your perfectly blended makeup. Luckily, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve and some amazing beauty recommendations that’ll keep your hair and makeup looking good all summer. Start taking notes: You need these humidity proof beauty products to beat the heat.


Blotting Paper

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Ick—There’s nothing like an oily complexion to ruin a beach selfie. Carry some handy blotting papers in your beach bag and pat down your oily spots, like your forehead, nose, and chin to keep the sweat from running over.


Matte Foundation or Powder

On a humid day, you’re going to sweat no matter what you do. During the summer, it’s best to stick to foundation that dries matte or a powder that will minimize your shine.


Hair Serum or Humidity-Proof Gel

Keep your hair silky smooth by investing in products that are built for the heat. A smoothing serum prevents fly-aways, while a humidity-proof gel keeps curly and wavy hair frizz-free.



Put on some eyeshadow during a heatwave and after 30 minutes your eyelids will be bare again. This is where a trusty primer kicks in. Use a primer as a base to keep your eyeshadow from running when you sweat, and stick to a powder eyeshadow. Creamy products tend to clump in your creases when your eyelids get oily.


Mist or Makeup-Setting Spray

A mist feels good when it’s 90 degrees out. But a facial spray that cools you down and sets your makeup is even better! Pick up a makeup-setting spray that’ll keep your foundation from running. These sprays can keep your look perfected for up to 16 hours! That’s a whole lot of time you can spend without thinking about checking on your makeup. Finally, you can enjoy the boardwalk or the beach worry-free!

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