Jamsu is the Latest Korean Makeup Technique You Need to Know

Dive into this new beauty hack

Say hello to jamsu. Created by Korean beauty buffs who needed a solution to summer makeup meltdowns, this trick to help set your makeup is probably unlike one you’ve ever tried before.

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“Jamsu,” which roughly translates to “diving” in English, uses a bowl of water to seal the deal. We know — you have a bunch of questions. Here’s what you need to know about the trend in order to give your skin a matte, oil-free finish (because with warmer weather approaching, who doesn’t want that?).


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1. Cleanse and moisturize your skin so that it’s super clean. Pat dry.

2. Apply your makeup as you normally would, including primer, foundation and concealer (tip: you might want to use waterproof mascara, too).

3. When your makeup is complete, pat generous handfuls of baby powder (or your choice of loose powder) onto your face.

4. Once you sufficiently look like Casper the Ghost, pour cool water (not cold water!) into an oversized bowl and — get ready for it! — submerge your face completely IN THE WATER for no more than 30 seconds.

5. After your 30 seconds is up, lift your head up from the bowl and immediately pat it dry with a towel. You’ll find that, as soon as your face dries, you’re greeted with a smooth, matte and flawless complexion that is guaranteed to be melt-free.


Sounds crazy, right? Crazy enough to try in the name of achieving smudge-free makeup! For more insight, watch this video of Japanese beauty vlogger YoonCharmi who was one of the first ones to try the hack. You’ll be inspired to dive right in!