THIS Is the Key to Zendaya’s Perfect Curls

Take notes

We admire so much about Zendaya — there’s a lot to admire. She’s a talented actress, a stellar dancer, and an all-around amazing human.

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She also has some of the best hair in the WORLD. Exhibit A:


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Essence talked to the beauty pro behind her amazing curls for Beautycon and the Teen Choice Awards. The good news: You probably already have what you need to try the look at home.

That expert is Tym Wallace, who used Dove’s Intensive Repair line to shampoo and condition Z’s hair. Then, he let Daya’s hair air-dry and used the FHI Heat Curling Iron to shape 1-inch sections of hair.


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The real secret weapon, though, is Dove’s Unscented Dry Shampoo, which he sprayed on Z’s roots to keep her hair from making the leap from perfectly curly to unfortunately frizzy. Then he topped it all off with Dove’s Style & Care Extra Hold Hairspray to tame flyaways.

The key to Zendaya’s perfect curls is a beauty line you can by at your local Target without breaking the bank and we’re SO here for that.

Featured Image Source: PopCrush