Get Kylie Jenner Nails For Under $25

Nobody got time for salons

Kylie is not only the unofficial Queen of Snapchat, she is also like the King of having the freshest manicures on ALL of Instagram.

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blue xx

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As a fake nail enthusiast myself, I have scoured the web far and wide to bring you the best Etsy acrylic dupes to get Kylie’s on point nail game for yourself.

My nails looking purrfect.


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Nail game strong but without the hefty L.A salon price tag. Plus, the best part is these are all made to order and ship right to your house! AND all are under $25. Your welcome.

A little back story on how these must have sets are a little different than what you would get at the salon. These bad boys you glue on yourself with nail glue. When you get fake nails at a salon the application of the nail itself is a much longer process that involves filling the nail, setting it and major upkeep once the nail grows out. AKA lots of things that I do not have the time or money for.

So I apply these already painted and filed nails myself. But I’m going to warn you now that doing any type of fake isn’t the BEST thing for your natural nails. Just like using any hot tools on your hair. It isn’t the healthiest.

SO that being said, here are my fave places to get some seriously gorgie Kylie like nails all on Etsy!

Love this light blue pair.

blue xx

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Easy dupe for such an on trend cut! The “stiletto” nail cut.

These taupe nails are to die for.

Reunited @kendalljenner

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Best part of these dupes – you can customize the nail shape! Square, oval, rectangle whatever!

Loving these smoky grey klaws!

Love my nails from @laquenailbar 💋

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Heres an easy dupe!

Kinda obsessed with these gold sparkly nails!


Best part: These dupes come with extra nails just in case you mess up!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how you glue these awesome nails on without a salon tech. Well it’s super duper easy, cheap and doesn’t require an hour at the salon!

My fave nail glue is Mia Secret  which has added vitamins so the nail glue won’t mess up your nails too bad. The process is super simple, kinda like applying false eyelashes to your eyes.

  1. Using your nail glue, lightly paint your false nail and set it aside.
  2. Right away lightly apply the nail glue to your REAL nail and carefully grab your falsie nail.
  3. Press the fake nail down with a medium amount of pressure. Make sure the bottom of the nail meets up with your cuticle.
  4. Hold in place for 40 seconds. The nail should set pretty fast, but try not to move until you are sure that nail is attached.
  5. Repeat for all other nails!

Be sure to have a wet nail file and some nail polish remover on stand by if this is your first time gluing your own nails on. It can turn into a hot, extremely sticky mess real fast. The key is to go SUPER slow and if your hand isn’t that steady, ask your parent or some friends to help. Using tweezers to hold the nail while applying helps too!

If you do end up getting nail glue where you don’t want it, DON’T PANIC! Use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to soften up the nail glue. Then use that wet nail file and lightly scrub off the glue. Sounds crazy but it works I promise.

Why I like doing my own nails this way instead of going to a salon is: I can re-wear these nails if I want, doing it myself is way cheaper, and I can change them whenever I want.


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