You Can Definitely Afford to Copy Kylie Jenner’s Stunning Coachella Hair

Literally, the dye costs $10

Kylie Jenner stunned at the first weekend of Coachella. That’s not exactly a revolutionary statement. The youngest KarJenner stuns basically everywhere she goes. But here’s the truly exciting part about this particular look: You can copy it on the cheap.

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highlighter hair 🌈

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Kylie stepped out at the California music festival in a bright (bright, bright, like you-need-sunglasses bright) highlighter yellow wig. Even though Kylie’s look was a wig, the color was achieved using a cheap staple of colorful hair dyes: Manic panic.

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Morning 🍋

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According to Teen Vogue, Kylie’s wig expert, Tokyo Stylez, the color was created by combining two jars Manic Panic’s ultra-cheap ($10!!!) hair dye — the specific colors were “Electric Lizard” and “Electric Banana.”

And yeah, Tokyo used some of Manic Panic’s many purple shades for her Day 2 wig.


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Looks like we all have some shopping to do.

Featured Image Source: People