Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Artist Shares the Biggest Brow Trend of 2017

It's about to get feather-y

Obviously the Jenner/Kardashian household knows a thing or two about beauty, and more specifically, brows. There’s no question their brow game is tight, thanks mostly to their devoted family makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

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Now the super skilled makeup artist is sharing his brow tips and advice for us mere mortals. According to Seventeen Magazine, Mario thinks the “Instagram brow ” is so 2016. And just what is the “Instagram brow”? Think boxy, super perfect and heavily defined — except for a touch of ombre at the top of the brow.

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So what’s the big brow trend for 2017? For starters, “Don’t draw boxy lines; it’s time for something new — your brows can still be strong, but you want them be soft, not harsh-looking,” said Mario.

Instead go for a more natural, softer and feather-y look. To achieve this gorgeous brow, Mario shared to the mag that “it’s all about layering on the products and the amount of pressure you use to apply them, which determines how light or dark your brows come out.”

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“I usually start by brushing the brows up or down [with a spoolie], and then I lightly fill them in anywhere they need it with a brow pencil [Anastasia is his go-to] — mainly along the outer corners. Next, I define the shape by taking a brow brush and shadow — I use one that’s one shade lighter than the pencil I used beforehand, which softens the look and adds dimension — to set everything. Then, I use a spoolie with hair spray, brow gel, or a glue from Alcone to brush the brow into place.”

If it’s good enough for the Jenner/Kardashian fam, then it’s good enough for us! We can’t wait to rock our new brows. How about you?

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