Lancôme Just Came Out With A Highlighter We All Need To Get ASAP

It has a rose inside it

We’re always looking for new beauty products to up our makeup game, but it looks like we need to look no further as Lancôme has just recently brought out the one highlight that we all need to get our hands on ASAP. It’s clear to see that everyone is obsessed with highlighter. C’mon, who doesn’t want to be glowing all day, every day?! Well, Lancôme just came out with a highlighter that has a rose inside it and we honestly have never seen anything like it!

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Lancôme’s La Rose a Poudrer comes in a super cute box and as soon as you open it, you’ll be left in awe with the fabulous rose that is displayed inside. All you have to do to get that gorgeous glow of yours is to take your highlighter brush and move it over the rose petals in a circular motion. Then, just add the highlighter onto the desired areas and you’ll have that perfect glow.

Lancôme Just Came Out With A Highlighter We All Need To Get ASAP; La Rose a Poudrer

Source: Lancôme


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This highlighter is one of the prettiest ones we’ve ever seen and we want to get ourselves one (or maybe 10) right now. Lancôme’s La Rose a Poudrer is part of its rose-inspired collection, so if you love everything about roses just like the rest of us (the flower and rose-colored everything) then this collection is calling your name. However, it’s only available for a limited time only, so be sure to get on it as soon as you can.


The La Rose a Poudrer highlighter is $60 and it is totally worth it. It’s definitely time to head on over to Lancôme’s website to get your very own elegant highlighter that you will love forever.

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