MAC is Collaborating With 10 of Your Favorite Beauty Influencers

Bet you'll recognize some of these names

Online influencers are the new celebrities in this world, and just like celebrities, they’re getting tapped to do amazing collaborations with huge brands. Case and point: MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with 10 of the best beauty influencers to bring us average people a new makeup collection.

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This isn’t the first time MAC has done something like this. In fact, MAC was one of the first brands to recognize the power of influencers, creating a similar collaboration all the way back in 2011. This time, though, it’ll be an international affair, incorporating influencers from not only the U.S. but also Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and more. The 10 collaborators for 2017 are:

  1. Gabriel Zamora (168,000 Instagram followers)
  2. Fouz (1,200,000 Instagram followers)
  3. Alessandra Steinherr (121,000 Instagram followers)
  4. Laura Lee (970,000 Instagram followers)
  5. Fleur De Force (781,000 Instagram followers)
  6. Samantha Ravndahl (2,400,000 Instagram followers)
  7. Vic Ceridono (479,000 Instagram followers)
  8. Enjoy Phoenix (3,600,000 Instagram followers)
  9. Caroline Daur (882,000 Instagram followers)
  10. Nikkia Joy (71,800 Instagram followers)

“These beauty influencers are models, photographers, experts, editors, and artists all in one and we admire their makeup artistry talent, point of view, and love they inspire from their fans,” MAC Senior Vice President of Global Communications Catherine Bomboy Dougherty told POPSUGAR.

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The collection will be available in April, and each influencer will have a lipstick shade named after a hashtag (i.e., MACxEnjoyPhoenix).

Featured Image Source: Instagram