MAC’s Newest, Rainbow Lipstick Collection is Absolutely Amazing

Check Out These 28 New Colors to Play With

We might be mid-winter, but as fashion and beauty fanatics, we’re always looking ahead. And since Spring is approaching, that means new colors, new trends and new ways to wear just about everything! One of those new Spring must-haves is MAC Cosmetic’s newest line of lipsticks and we’re absolutely in love.

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We couldn’t help but notice that it’s all about neutrals lately. From clothes to hair to lips, everything is minimal, beige, or nude. And while we’re pretty obsessed with neutrals ourselves, we can’t help but use Spring as time of resurgence, rebirth and reinvigorating. It’s no surprise that MAC has come along and decided to shake things up just in time. The new ColourRocker lipstick line features a rainbow of options, all in bold, matte hues.


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This line isn’t just your ordinary lipstick line of 2, 5 or even 10 colors. ColourRocker has 28 colorful shades, from light pink to bold purple to lime green!

We need a little brightening up in this gloomy weather and we think MAC couldn’t have launched at a better time.


If you’re feeling a little timid to make the switch from those dusty pinks and taupe shades, start slow! Begin with something you’re comfortable with like MAC’s ColorRocker in Mud Wrestler, Gritty Girl or Feeling Fizzy. Once you’re ready to get bold, try some more outrageous colors like Deep with Envy, Instant Icon or Forbidden Sunrise. Soon you’ll be so addicted, you’ll find all 28 colors in your makeup bag!

Each color is $17 and is set to launch January 26th. We know you beauty gurus and lipstick lovers are going to be experimenting and loving these outrageous colors!

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