Makeup Hacks: Top 6 Things We Never Knew

Mind. Blown.

Did you know your makeup has an expiration date? How do you extend the life of your eyeliner? We’ve got the top 6 hacks to make your makeup go even further!

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1. Expiration Dates
We know that makeup doesn’t last forever. Did you know that the expiration date is written on the label? Just look for this symbol:

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This means that the product is good for 12 months after opening. If you see a symbol with a “y”, replace “months” with “years”.

2. Spoon Cut Crease
We get it – drawing smooth lines is not your forte. Use a plastic spoon over your eyelid to create a perfect cut crease every time.

3. Take Your Makeup Apart
When you run out of a product, instead of throwing it away, cut it open! Lotions and liquids stick to the edges of their containers, so you can get a few more uses before you toss ’em. You can even remove the stopper on products like Nars’ creamy concealer to reach leftover product!

4. Curled Eyelashes All Day
Warm up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before curling your lashes to make them curl bigger.

5. Salvage Broken Powder
Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to broken powder in a compact and press it down. Allow it to dry overnight and it will be good as new! We missed you, Champagne Pop.

6. Use Lighters (Carefully)
Heat can turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel or fix a broken lipstick. Just take caution not to burn yourself or set anything on fire!

Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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