I Did My Makeup Like a Beauty Blogger for a Week and Here’s What Happened

The results may surprise you

I love makeup. I like watching tutorials on YouTube, spending hours in Sephora, and trying out new products. On the whole, my day-to-day makeup look stays about the same. I might add a touch more eyeliner here and there, but I always stick to the same basic look. Mascara, touch of bronzer, pink lips.

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My hypothesis is that it will be too much makeup to be an everyday process. From the time it takes, the cost to buy all these different products, and the overdone cake-face possibility, I predict that I will be back to my original routine by the end of the week.

Day One

The Tutorial I Followed: My Everyday Makeup Routine

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I woke up 45 minutes earlier than I usually do for this look. Partly because I thought I’d need extra time when I inevitably messed up. I used every second of my extra time – false eyelashes are HARD to master, y’all!


Day Two

The Tutorial I Followed: Neutral Smokey Eye & Red Lips

I thought Taylor Swift had cornered the market on red lips, so I have always stuck with my classic pink lips. Day two was the day that I discovered I LOVE red lips! They were not as bold as I anticipated and balanced out the falsies perfectly. This look may become part of my regular rotation.


Day Three

The Tutorial I Followed: Valentine’s Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

This was the makeup look I was most nervous for – the dark, vampy, gothic look. I never wear dark colors on my eyes or lips, so this was going to be a huge change for me. When I stepped in the elevator at work, one of my coworkers did a double take and said he didn’t recognize me. However, with this look, I spent my day in constant fear of accidentally smudging eye shadow all around my face or getting dark lipstick on my teeth.


Day Four

The Tutorial I Followed: Slay The Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

Let Dorothy know that I’m over the rainbow for this look! I wanted to pick a look that scared me and I would never wear on a day-to-day basis. I had to search through all my makeup for the brightest rainbow colors (all were untouched, of course) and clean brushes to make this work. I went out to lunch with my coworkers and was complimented by not one but TWO of the restaurant employees! They asked me if I was a professional makeup artist, which was honestly the best compliment I’ve ever received. 


Day Five

The Tutorial I Followed: Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye

Let’s round out this week with one of my favorite looks – shimmery and smokey. It didn’t turn out quite like the tutorial, but I was able to put my falsies on in RECORD time.

The Result

The Bad: Going back to my regular makeup did make me feel underdone, which is a huge bummer because makeup should never be what you base your self worth on.  But hey, sometimes a girl needs to spend 5 minutes on makeup instead of an hour, and I love my go-to look. That’s all that matters.

The Good: I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received this week. Nobody made fun of me for trying too hard or spending too much time on my face, but complimented my creativity, which is the point of makeup anyway, isn’t it? My coworkers asked me to do everything from do their makeup for upcoming events to teaching a class on beauty basics. Of course, my results did not come out nearly as well as the YouTube artists, but I loved learning new skills. Maybe the best development of all: I’m not afraid of falsies anymore!

If you’re afraid to think out of the box and try something new, give it a whirl! You might be surprised by outcome.