‘Mean Girls’ Eye Shadow Palette Will Launch Fall 2017

So fetch

Mean Girls Eye Shadow Palette Will Launch Fall 2017


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“Get in, loser. We’re going shopping!” is definitely going to be something you’ll say this coming fall when Storybook Cosmetics finally releases their Mean Girls-inspired eye shadow collection.

The launch has been a long time coming for fans of both the hit flick and of the whimsical beauty brand. The indie makeup brand first teased a possible collaboration on their Instagram account last fall. Since then there had been no updates regarding the makeup collection, prompting fans to wonder whether or not the palette would remain in the early 2000s with the the Plastics.

But then the company made the surprise announcement on June 1 that every Regina George and/or Cady fan wanted to hear.

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On Wednesdays we wear Storybook Cosmetics. – Fall 2017

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“We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Paramount Licensing on Mean Girls,” said Missy Maynard, cofounder of Storybook Cosmetics, told PopSugar. “We’re total Mean Girls fanatics, and this eye shadow palette is one of the first palettes we dreamed up! When we secured licensing for it we were ecstatic!”

Though we don’t have any official photos of the palette yet, we do know that the palette will feature 12 shades — and no, they won’t just be pink (although you should definitely wear that shade on Wednesdays). We also don’t have any official names of the colors yet, but if the brand’s deleted Instagram posts are any indication, you’ll be looking at green and blue shades similar to “Army Green” and “Flip Flops,” while others might be named “Glen Coco,” “You Can’t Sit With Us”, and of course, “So Fetch.”

Maynard told PopSugar that their original plan for the palette included eight shades, but now they’re creating a larger pan palette, which is sure to be amazing. After all, the company is responsible for creating such gorgeous makeup palettes like Wizardry and Witchcraft, and the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Whatever the shades might look like, be sure to get your own Burn Book filled with beautiful shades (which will probs include tons of pink!) this fall. (And are we crazy to think the palette will launch…October 3?)


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