This Messy Brazilian Nail Painting Technique is Actually the Key to a Perfect Manicure

Say goodbye to ugly nail roots

“Nail roots” is a not-so-cute term for when your nails grow out and leave that lovely crescent moon-shaped sliver of new growth at the base. It might blend into a neutral manicure, but if you reach for a bottle of navy or eggplant or crimson for fall and winter, you’re going to notice that regrowth fast.

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Well, it turns out that Brazilian manicurists have been painting nails totally different from Americans, and the method helps keep those nail roots at bay way longer. And if you’ve ever been discouraged from painting your own nails because you always get it on your cuticles, this is the perfect technique for you.

This Messy Brazilian Nail Painting Technique is Actually the Key to a Perfect Manicure:

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This photo above is probably what your nails look like after you try and paint them yourself, right? Well, instead of shelling out cash to have someone else do it for you, you’ll be pleased to know that this is exactly what a Brazilian manicurist would’ve done—on purpose!

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After cutting back the cuticles, they paint the entire nail, including the skin around it; this ensures that there’s color all the way to the very edge of the nail bed. After, they use a Q-tip and polish remover to clean up the skin.

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Traditional American manicures leave a sort of margin around the edges of the polish to keep it looking neat, but after a few days when the nails have grown a bit, that “nail roots” term comes into effect. With the Brazilian technique, because the color goes to the edges, you won’t see nail roots for so much longer.

As long as you don’t chip your polish (easier said than done), your manicure will look good and fresh for days to weeks using this method. And bonus: you can paint your nails as messily as you want.

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