What You Need to Know About Negative Space Eyeliner

Lily Collins loves it

If you love all things beauty, you’ve probably taken the time to experiment with your eyeliner game. You’ve almost definitely tried different colors. You might have graduated from the basics to more ambitious feats, like a killer smoky eye or stunning cat eye. If you’re looking for the next level to take your eyeliner to though, look no further than these pictures of Lily Collins from Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party.

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Feeling Berry Noir for tonight's @VanityFair Oscar party…

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As Teen Vogue reports, Lily’s amazing eyeliner might look like a regular old cat eye from a distance, but up close you can see that the outline of the cat eye isn’t filled in. It’s a negative space eyeliner look that’s innovative, fresh, and totally enviable.

To get Lily’s look, just (carefully and using your finest-tipped eyeliner) draw the outline of a winged tip, but don’t fill it in. It’s actually easier (in some ways — be careful not to smudge) than a regular cat eye.

Featured Image Source: Celebzz