These Optical Illusion Hair Designs Are Taking Over Instagram

And we love it

Hair designer/artistic visionary Roxie Jane Hunt has been wowing us with her incredible hair art for years, but her recent additions to her Instagram gallery have really taken the internet by storm.

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As Teen Vogue reports, it has about 40K followers who are dedicated to her gorgeous hair art.

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It's Raining Rainbows 🌈

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But if you think Hunt only specializes in eye-catching dye jobs, think again. She’s also a wizard with braids.


B R A I D S F O R P E A C E✨ It's Peace Week💙 To honor the importance of community and self-care in cultivating PEACE , I'll be coming to Portland next weekend to offer a Hair Love/ Ritual/ Braids and Adornment Workshop with @latierrasagradahair 💙 in collaboration with @solabeeflowers 🌸🌺🌱The workshop is Saturday, 2-4✨ ✨✨✨Beforehand, we will be doing a live braid ceremony/installation and want to invite folks with long-ish hair of any texture to come and participate and take part in a demonstration that will braid us together with an intention of bringing our visions of peace through, collectively. This begins at noon 🌎🌍🌏 DM me your email for the official invite, location and registration info🥀🌺🌸Then, come to Solabee Flowers on Sunday to help us celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the shop, and get trimmed, oiled and braided by Stef and I, in an eden of botanicals and radical PDX folks. #portland #braidsforpeace #hairritual #sacredselfcare #peaceweek #solabeeflowers #latierrasagradahair #freeyourhairbraid

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SO much hair inspo to sift through.

Featured Image Source: Allure