Confetti Hair is the Party You Can Wear

Bring the fun with you wherever you go

Want to make literally every moment of your life feel like a party? The confetti hair trend is the way to do it.

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Confetti hair is a style of hair coloring that looks like perfectly placed splatters of different colors all over your head—like you walked underneath a shower of multicolored confetti. It’s basically like wearing a Funfetti cake, and what could be better than that?

Blondies of Melbourne, the Australian salon that brought us neon roots, also takes credit for creating the confetti hair trend. Karen Lewis, owner of Blondies, told Cosmopolitan, “It’s soft, pretty, happy, and it imparts little spots of pure joy on the hair like confetti!”

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Extreme hair colors have been headline makers all throughout 2017 so far, with trends like rainbow roots and holographic hair dominating Instagram feeds. In a year where every single person knew about the neon Unicorn Frappuccino, it’s no surprise that bright colors are so in.

If you thought the confetti hair look couldn’t get any cooler, check it out braided:


Confetti hair isn’t for the faint of heart, and it works best on very light hair, but it’s an absolute showstopper. The party won’t start until you walk in with this look.

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Image Source: Tumblr