There’s a Perfect Perfume for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This fragrance is made just for you

There's a Perfect Perfume for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign


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Ever bought a perfume that smelled great on your friend, but it turned out not to smell so great on you? Maybe it’s because of your star sign!

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Demeter Fragrance Library says, “Like perfumery, astrology is considered both an art and a science; it layers intuition, interpretation and description over the complex mathematics of astronomy.” Because of this, they developed a line of 12 different perfumes specific to each sign of the Zodiac.

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The full-size spray is $40, the rollerball version is $12, and the mini sampler size is just $4. “Each Zodiac scent is designed to appeal to the distinctive preferences of your horoscope sign,” they claim, and they’re also designed to be layered over each other to create truly unique fragrances.

Find your astrological sign below, and check out the special ingredients associated with it. You can even click to find out exactly why they chose those ingredients for your specific sign!

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Image Source: Demeter Fragrance


Jacaranda Wood, Frankincense, Amber and Bergamot


Black Musk, Cedar Wood, Guaiac wood, pine and lemon


Vetiver, Cyclamen and Cardamom


Ylang Ylang, Black Davana, Ugandan Vanilla Bean and Burl Wood


Black Myrrh, Indonesian Teakwood, Black Pepper and Bitter Orange Blossom


Musk, Wild Cardamom, Petit Grain and Pepper Birch Blooms


Wild Yuzu, Clove Leaf, Anise and precious woods


Lisbon Lemon, Italian Bergamot, Cashmere Musk and the vanilla-scented resin, Benzain Siam


Mojave Ghost Flowers, Green Laurel Leaves, Saffron, Amber and Oud


Champaca Flowers, Clary Sage, Black Cardamom and Cassia Bark


Neroli, Long Spurred Violets, Cedar and Oud


Lime, Teak, Vetiver and Verbena