How to Pick the Perfect Nude Nail Polish

It's less daunting than you think

Nude nail polish is a perfect, low-key nail trend to embrace this summer. How do you pick the perfect shade for your nude nails though? It’s less daunting than it seems and you’ve probably already done a lot of the work (it’s similar to picking a foundation).

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The experts at Londontown, makers of celeb-favorite nude polishes loved by the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, ​and ​Kim Kardashian​, have some A+ tips:

  • Put each bottle of polish in the palm of your hand to evaluate the shades you have to choose from—your palms are the best representation of your overall skin tone, even when you’re tan from all the summer sun. If the polish looks good against your palm, then it’s a true match.
  • Know the undertones that work for your skin. People with fair skin should go for cool blue undertones, people with medium skin should opt for pink and beige undertones, and people with darker skin tones can pull off just about any undertone, according to Londontown’s experts.

Londontown even has a handy graphic that helps your pick your perfect tone from their line (each bottle is $16):

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How to Pick the Perfect Nude Polish

Source: Londontown

Of course, you can apply this advice to whatever your favorite brand of polish is. The Zoe Report also put together a great video tutorial on the topic. They recommend rosy-beige and coffee-colored shades without gray undertones for people with deep skin, warm sandy beige and pale taupe without yellow undertones for people with olive skin, and sheer pinks and creamy blush shades without prominent pink or white undertones for people with fair skin.

At the end of the day, though, no one knows your skin and your look better than you, so you should pick whichever polish feels like the right fit to you.

Featured Image Source: The Independent

Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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