Quiz: What’s Your Go-To Braid Style?

Find out which braid fits your style

Thanks to Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, beauty gurus and hair stylists are coming up with more and more braid styles these days. With hundreds of them out there, which one is for you? Take our quiz to find out which braid is your go-to braid style!

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Your friends would describe you as:

A) Chill and low maintenance.

B) A trendsetter, someone who’s into Kylie’s latest lip kit or Selena’s outfits.

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C) An old soul who has refined taste.

D) A lovable misfit who marches to the beat of her own drum.

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? friends

Source: Pinterest

When shopping, you are most likely to buy:

A) Whatever is the most comfortable/easiest to put together with multiple outfits.

B) Something trendy and cute like high waisted shorts and a crop top.

C) A polished outfit, think J. Crew or Nordstroms.

D) Something edgy or different that makes you stand out.

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? Stripes

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Who’s your favorite celebrity?

A) Jennifer Lawrence

B) Kylie Jenner

C) Audrey Hepburn

D) Demi Lovato

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? Demi Lovato

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What do you like to do on the weekends?

A) It changes weekend to weekend, I like to see where the wind blows me.

B) Friends, friends, friends!

C) Reading a good book or watching some great movies.

D) Something crafty or artistic.

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? Reading

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Where is your dream vacation?

A) Somewhere I don’t have to do much except have fun! Like Hawaii or the Caribbean.

B) A place that everyone is going to, like Iceland, Bali or Morocco.

C) Somewhere romantic and dreamy like Paris, Rome or London.

D) I want to go off the beaten path, like somewhere in Africa or South America!

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? Vacation

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If you mostly answered A, your go-to look is the front braid to the side! You love the look of a braid, but you don’t care to put a ton of work into it. This look is super easy to do and transforms your average hairstyle into something with a little oomph.

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? Side Braid

Source: Pinterest

If you mostly answered B, then your go-to braid is boxer braids! Boxer braids give the casual, sporty look, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Boxer braids are somewhat challenging to do and are very trendy right now. So while maybe you’re going for a chill look, you are anything but!

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? Boxer Braids

Source: Pinterest

If you mostly answered C, then your go-to is a classic french braid. While this hairstyle is very easy to do, it’s quite the old-school look. It shows that you can easily channel an old favorite hairstyle and make it yours!

Quiz: What's Your Go-To Braid Style? French Braid

Source: Pinterest

If you mostly answered D, then your go-to braid is a fishtail. Fishtails are so much more edgy than typical braids. They give off a bit of a fierceness that boxer braids and french braids just can’t pull off!

If you answered a few different ones, you’re in luck! You can have multiple results and switch up your go-to braid style frequently!