Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Haircut?

Style to Match Your Swag

It’s time to take off those winter hats and let those locks be free. But which hot hair look should you rock this spring? We can help. Take this quiz to find the perfect haircut for you, then get to your stylist ASAP.

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1. How sentimental are you?

A. The past is the past! I never think about it.

B. I keep a few photos around, but I live for the moment.

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C. I’m down for a friend or family reunion, but that’s enough for me.

D. Titanic is still my favorite movie. Enough said.

Take his hand. #titanic

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2. You get to choose the night’s restaurant. What cuisine do you pick?

A. Something I’ve never had before — maybe Indonesian or Ethiopian.

B. Anything casual! Burgers, tacos, you name it.

C. A classic — French or Italian!

D. Let’s hit the newest spot in town, no matter what the food.

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3. What’s your must have makeup product?

A. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil ($21)

B. Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss ($17)

C. Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara ($23)

D. Urban Decay Beached Bronzer ($28)


4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

A. Geometric patterns

B. Ripped black jeans

C.  Tops with ruffle detail

D. Tulle skirts


5. What beauty routine do you swear by?

A. Oil cleansing — you’re all about that next wave.

B. Dry shampoo — you need it for your busy lifestyle!

C. Sheet masks – you love the new trend.

D. Exfoliation — you spend so much time outside, you need to avoid that dryness.


If you answered mostly A’s…Go for the half shaved head look! It’s a big leap, but we know you’re a risk taker. This style has been gaining popularity over the past year or so, and it’s only going to get trendier as stylists get more practiced at it.

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If you answered mostly B’s…Go for something short and low maintenance. Short hair requires much less upkeep in every way, from how often you need to wash it to styling it. So try a short crop like this one, and stop worrying about your hair every day. This cut will take care of itself.

I'm loving #pazvega 's haircut. Especially the heavy, mop-y top. I want this on my head.

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If you answered mostly C’s…Ask for an asymmetrical bob. You’re all about new twists on the classics. Pay homage to the traditional bob but make it your own with a stylish slanted cut. If you’re feeling frisky, try getting a subtle color highlight like the look below.

new Red Head for my new Red Barn

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If you answered mostly D’s…Keep your long hair, but go for a wavy, tousled look. You love those long locks and can’t part with them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them fresh. Change your part, and experiment with teasing and curling to make the most of those glorious tresses.