Shay Mitchell Just Shared Her Biggest Beauty Secrets

Take it from an expert

Pretty Little Liars has officially wrapped and Shay Mitchell (AKA Emily) is focusing on building her beauty empire. You know, as you do. Shay spoke with Hello magazine about her beauty secrets and her collaboration with beauty brand Smashbox.

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The biggest secret isn’t really a secret at all, just an obvious thing that we sometimes lose sight of in our quest to be Instagram ready.

Saturday morning stretch (+ smoky eye)

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Makeup should be something that’s fun and not taken too seriously,” Shay said. “It should be used to accentuate your natural features but also to play around and experiment. I think it’s all about playing, and that’s why I was so excited to get to work with Smashbox because that is what they are known for. They are very creative, and now I get to be a part of the brand with these awesome palettes. I love that there are seven completely different looks, so depending on your mood or where you’re going, you can tap into these different personalities. It’s an idea that was a no-brainer for me because that’s how I use makeup.”

But what about pro secrets, like the kind Shay has picked up during years of acting and modeling? Hydration, hydration, hydration.

No wine-ing…it's almost the weekend! #hadto 🍷

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“Hydration is key, applying makeup on dry, flaky skin is never a good look!” she said. “Learning to use a primer and [setting] sprays were a life-changer, especially on days when I would be shooting really long hours and need my makeup to last. You really have to take care of yourself from the inside out. When I don’t get sleep or I haven’t been drinking water, it really shows on my skin and then it doesn’t matter what makeup you use, it won’t sit nicely.”

Advice we can live by.

Featured Image Source: Celebuzz