Skincare for College Students

exams are no excuse for a bad skin care routine

Congratulations! You’re a college student. Stepping foot onto campus means freedom, new friends, newly gained independence, so with your busy schedule it’s no wonder that your skincare routine can fall by the wayside. Staying up late studying, pulling all-nighters, and even walking through campus on a sunny day can cause epic skin freak-outs. How can we keep our skin care top-notch, all while living in a tiny dorm room?

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You know by now that sun damage is bad and can adversely affect your skin even if you’re not laying out. Simple things like walking to class can put you directly in the sun’s harmful rays for longer than you may think. Apply sunscreen under your makeup or use a BB cream with SPF to protect against wrinkles and other sun damage.

Vitals for Your Shower Caddy
Keeping your Clarisonic and favorite face wash in your caddy is so easy, and will remind you to keep up with the skin care habits you established in high school.

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Stock Up on Affordable Products
You don’t need face cream as expensive as your tuition to have a good skin care routine. The affordable drugstore product selection is amazing for girls on a budget.

Don’t Forget Your Water Bottle
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dehydration + lack of sleep = skin that is dull and grey.

Remove Your Makeup
Makeup wipes are easy to keep in your backpack or desk drawer, and so convenient for those nights when you’re just too tired to do a full face scrub + cleanse + tone. Leaving on your makeup overnight clogs your pores and generally increases the amount of gunk on your face. Good luck finding a foundation to cover all that!