You Can *Literally* Look Like Snow White With This New Beauty Collection

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Everyone dreams of looking like a Disney Princess IRL, right? Well, thanks to Bésame Cosmetics and its upcoming Snow White and the Seven Dwarves collection, your fairytale is closer to becoming a reality.

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The brand collaborated with Disney to create this exclusive collection in celebration of the iconic film’s 80th (!!) anniversary. Through tons of research (and probably a zillion viewings of the animated movie), the company created a gorge makeup palette that’s inspired by the original artwork and color palette of the film. In fact, the colors were matched perfectly by Disney’s Ink and Paint Department, so you can be sure these particular shades are 100% authentic and legit.

Though the Storybook Palette has been mostly under wraps since it was first hinted at earlier this year…

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The collection, which includes 20 eyeshadow shades and a Vanity Mirror, a sleek, gold handheld mirror,  made its official announcement at — where else? — Disney’s D23 fan expo earlier this month. There, the company allowed fans a sneak peek of the magical makeup.


Also included in the glam collection are: Ever After Translucent Pearl Powder; three lip balms in Gooseberry, Apple and Cherry, inspired by the pies Snow White bakes while singing “Someday My Prince Will Come”; as well as two eyeshadow sets called the I’m Wishing Palette and I’m Singing Palette, which both feature colors and tones from two infamous scenes — when Snow White is wishing at the well and when she enters the forest. There’s also seven lipsticks all inspired by and named after — you guessed it — the seven dwarves!

The items will be priced from $15-$68 and will be sold through Bésame Cosmetics, Disney, and select retailers this September.

Once it does, you won’t even have to ask your mirror, “Who’s the fairest one of all?” Because, well, it’s you.