Space Buns Will Be the Biggest Hair Trend This Summer

They're out of this world

Princess Leia was probably the original lady to rock the double buns, but they’ve come a long way since then. They had a resurgence in the 90’s and a few red carpet appearances in the 2000’s, but space buns are the official 2017 version of Princess Leia’s look. After they had a major moment at Coachella, we’re predicting that they’re going to be the hottest hair trend of the summer.

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space buns are the hottest hair trend of summer 2017 princess leia gif

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Unlike Princess Leia, space buns go at the top of your head—not on the sides. You won’t lose any of your hearing ability with this look, trust us. They’re also a bit messier than the Princess’s, giving them that perfectly carefree desert vibe.

space buns are the hottest hair trend of summer 2017 gif

Image Source: Giphy

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To add a bit of Ariana Grande style to your space buns, you can put just half of your hair up into two buns, like blogger Katrina:


Or go all out, like blogger Lydia Rose:


Try leaving a few face-framing pieces out of your space buns to soften the look, like blogger Mollie King:


The best thing about space buns is that they work with long hair, short hair, thick hair, and thin hair. Just make two pony tails first, tease them with a comb to give the hair some grip and body, and pin them into buns. Anyone can do it! You can even try adding some glitter roots for the ultimate Coachella look.

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