Special Effects Halloween Makeup That’ll Blow Your Mind

Special Effects Halloween Makeup That'll Blow Your Mind

Note: No makeup artists were harmed in the making of these incredible looks.

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Thanks to Instagram, amazingly talented makeup artists get more exposure than any decade before. Now that it’s October, we can’t stop scrolling.

Sure, glamorous beauty looks are fun to admire, but nothing’s more exciting than some special effects scary makeup:

1. Neon Skeleton

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Luna, an 18-year-old makeup artist, specializes in a bright neon look. She takes it to a perfectly creepy Halloween level by adding a skeleton effect to the teeth and nose. She even outlines her collarbones and vertebrae. It doesn’t even look real!

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special effects halloween makeup lunafortun neon skeleton

Image Source: Instagram

2. “Glampire”

Special effects makeup artist Emily Anderson says, “I don’t know if it’s a demon, or a vampire or a glampire or what.” We’re not sure either, but we’re blown away by this Halloween look. If you stare very closely, you can see that her natural lips are hidden by black makeup —and the terrifying teeth are actually painted on above and below them. Yikes.

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special effects halloween makeup emily anderson demon

Image Source: Instagram

3. Pennywise

There’s no doubt that costumes inspired by the new remake of It are going to be crazy popular for Halloween this year. Below, L.A.-based makeup artist Alexandra Anele transformed herself into Pennywise using only makeup. Note: she’s planning on putting up a video tutorial soon, so you can recreate the look yourself.

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special effects halloween makeup alexandra anele pennywise

Image Source: Instagram

4. Hollow Head

One of the most well-known special effects artists online, Mimi Choi, creates stunning Halloween makeup illusions like the one below. She blacks out her eyes and mouth and uses makeup just like paint to create realistic depth. If you’re anywhere near Vancouver, Mimi offers special effects makeup classes if you want to learn how to master these kinds of looks yourself.

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special effects halloween makeup mimi choi hollow head

Image Source: Instagram

5. Glam Corpse

Want to channel your inner Billy from Hocus Pocus, but take it to a totally glam level? Makeup artist and YouTuber Kristi manages to glam up this scary, undead look with gorgeous winged eyeliner and lush lashes. Colored contacts tie the whole thing together.

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special effects halloween makeup raw beauty kristi glam corpse

Image Source: Instagram

6. Pumpkinhead

When your perfect makeup crackles, your real identity is revealed — Pumpkinhead! This amazing special effects creation was made by a 17-year-old, self-taught makeup artist named Sarah New from Wales. It’s an amazing Halloween look.

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special effects halloween makeup sara new pumpkin

Image Source: Instagram

7. Unzipped Eye

This looks will  turn heads. Hair and makeup artist Taylor Wilkinson starts off with a glamorous palette, including red lipstick and fake lashes — but then goes super gruesome for Halloween with a special effects zipper. Omg.

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special effects halloween makeup taylor wilkinson unzipped eye

Image Source: Instagram

8. Jack Skellington

For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, look no further than cosplayer Sydney Nicole. She has created this incredible special effects look below, complete with a wig and costume for the full Jack Skellington effect.

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special effects halloween makeup sydney nicole jack skellingotn

Image Source: Instagram

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