Starbucks Frappuccino Bath Bombs Are the Actual Bomb

Good enough to eat

Frap Queens know all about the frothy goodness of Starbucks Frappuccinos, and now your fave bev is coming to a…bathtub near you?! That’s right. We now have Starbucks Frappuccino bath bombs, thanks to Etsy vendor Shea Shea La Bomb.

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The adorable bath bombs look exactly like mini Fraps, topped with tons of “whipped cream” and a drizzle of sugary “syrup”. Don’t be fooled by its delicious appearance. According to Shea Shea La Bomb’s Instagram, the bombs are, indeed, solid bubble baths. All you need to do is hold the straw underneath running water in the tub and get ready for a bath filled with bubbles.

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Shea Shea La Bomb makes them in different Frapp flavours, like strawberry and cream, so you can find your fave and indulge yourself in a bath that will be good enough to drink — but don’t!


Another bonus? Like the company’s name, each one is packed with skin-softening shea butter, so your skin will be super soft after your rub-a-dub.

Each bomb is $10 — which is roughly the same price for an actual Starbucks Frap. So why not treat yourself?


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