This Beauty Blender Is The Beauty Product You Need Right Now

It lasts for over a year

Every makeup lover knows just how important a beauty blender is to our everyday makeup routine – literally, it’s hard for us to even leave the house without one. Well, a new beauty product is on the rise and it’s definitely something that we’re all keeping on our radar. We’re talking about the Evie Blender. Not only does the Evie Blender look super cool (we’re digging how glittery it is) but we can totally tell that it will be our new best-friend when it comes to blending our foundation.

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The Evie Blender’s shape will remind you of your trusty ‘ol beauty blender and it’s made of hypoallergenic silicon. There are an endless amount of reasons why we already love the Evie Blender. First things first, the blender doesn’t absorb makeup. (No, we’re not kidding!) Basically, you won’t have to worry about your blender soaking up all of that expensive foundation that you’d rather have on your face than your blender. It’s also a lot easier to clean, which is another plus point for this fantastic product.


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You also get three awesome color options with the Evie Blender – either purple glitter, silver glitter, or pastel rainbow glitter. (We want all – please and thank you.) The texture of the Evie Blender will give you a perfect finishing touch to your makeup look and you will definitely be ready to rock your day with some #OnFleek makeup.


The Evie Blender is created by film and TV makeup artist, Angie Johnson. The Evie Blender is already creating a lot of buzz and was officially released to buyers who pre-ordered the Evie Blender on the Kickstarter page in March.


We can already tell that we’ll be using the Evie Blender any and every time we apply our makeup. Plus, it even lasts for over a year, so we’re totally won over by this fabulous product. The Evie Blender is, without a doubt, a makeup fanatic’s dream come true.

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