Everything You Need to Know About the Geode Hair Trend

It's super sparkly

Move over Mermaid hair. Geode hair is the new trend that blends our love for everything colorful with our obsession with crystals, and the result is simply sparkling.

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The look, which has been popping up on social media recently, is a combination of iridescent or metallic pinks, purples, blues, and/or greens that fade in and out to mimic the look of crystals and minerals that line rock cavities. For real.

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What sets this style apart from rainbow hair is that geode hair doesn’t require you to completely bleach your hair to get the gorge look. You only need to lighten up your locks a bit and add a bit of your chosen colors, which are brushed on by hand.


To achieve the dazzling look, you can either ask your stylist to use a few subtle shimmering shades on areas that pull lighter or darker, or you can have your colors simply fade out to completely reveal your real hair color.


Ranging from the deep, soulful hues of amethyst to the softer, flirty tones of rose-quartz, you can easily choose your fave crystal/vibe and have them mix perfectly together.


What’s really stunning about the trend? Whenever you move your head, more of the heavenly hues are revealed.


No doubt this bright new hair trend is perf for spring. What do you think? Will you try it?


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