The Lisa Frank Makeup Collab is What Every ’90s Lover Needs

So much color

Fans of the ‘90s already know that the rainbow magic of Lisa Frank has been making a recent comeback in a huuuuge way (including a live-action movie!). Now beauty trendsetters who are obsessed with Frank’s sparkling dolphins have a new reason to rejoice: it looks like an actual Lisa Frank makeup collaboration could be a legit thing.

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Glamour Dolls Makeup has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a six-piece, limited-edition collection of Lisa Frank beauty products, which will include original art from Lisa Frank herself. And the best part? Each product will only cost $5. The next best part? Glamour Dolls Makeup is totally vegan and cruelty-free, so you can also feel — and look — good with every purchase.

2017 is going to be magical ✨ #getready #unicornbrushes #isthisreallife

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According to the brand’s Instagram, the reason behind the collab is pretty simple: they love glitter, and they love Frank.

“Like so many other people, [Lisa Frank] has inspired us and added so much color and fun in our worlds, so we teamed up with Lisa herself to bring her magical world into the world of affordable cruelty free makeup. The response that we have gotten from this announcement has been absolutely surreal and we want to thank all of you so much for joining us on this journey, we do it all for you!”


As for why the Glamour Dolls are turning to the Internet for help in bringing their sparkling makeup to life, they told Bustle via email that they “chose [to bring] this campaign to Kickstarter because Lisa’s fans are SO dedicated and so passionate we wanted to include them in the process. So we have so many fun things planned from naming products to games to live reveals.”

With your help, the company is hoping to create a lip balm, a matte mousse, liquid liner, a unicorn lip gloss, highlighting powder, and a vegan leather makeup bag.

We can’t wait to add more sparkle, bright colors and cheetah prints to our beauty routine!

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