The Location of Your Acne is Trying to Tell You Something

Listen to your skin

The Location of Your Acne is Trying to Tell You Something


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Most of the time, we try to do everything we can not to pay attention to our breakouts. But the truth is, the answer to how to keep them away might lie within their location on your face.

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Cheeks? Blame your phone.

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Chance are, you haven’t cleaned your phone… ever. It’s covered in grease from your fingers, and when you press it up against your face to make a phone call, all that grease transfers onto your cheeks and leads to breakouts.

Try: Cleaning your phone regularly or using speakerphone.

Chin? Blame your hormones.

You might notice acne on your chin that flares up and subsides in rhythm with your time of the month. Once you figure out the cycle, you can prepare for the hormonal breakups by using an stronger acne treatment ahead of the flare-ups.

Try: A spot treatment with Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide

Forehead? Blame your hair.

Your forehead is very close neighbors with your hair, and your hair can carry a lot of breakout causers like natural oils and product.

Try: Using less hair product, shampooing more frequently to keep oils away, pushing hair back with a headband, avoiding bangs.

Nose? Blame your makeup.

Nothing clogs the pores on your nose quite like makeup, probably because you’re trying to fill those pores with makeup to minimize them. This can have the exact opposite effect, causing your pores to breakout and appear even larger.

Try: A lighter makeup, making sure your makeup isn’t out-of-date, fully removing your makeup at the end of the day.