These 8 Beautiful Hair Colors Are Screaming Fall Time

Autumn-Inspired Hair Colors

Your hair is your most important fashion accessory. It frames your face, it pulls together your entire look and it can even help define your identity. And with Fall here, it’s time to change up your look to match those Autumn vibes. Whether you’re blonde, brunette or a classy redhead, it’s traditional to go a bit darker to match with the changing of the leaves and the disappearing sun. Here are 7 beautiful hair colors that are just screaming Fall time.

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1. Baby Lights

Now that the summer sun is fading away, so is our blonde hair. Naturally, your hair should be changing with the lack of sun and going darker, not lighter. But if you’re having trouble separating yourself from that beautiful, light-colored hair, try baby lights. These gentle accents of light will keep you reaching for summer, even if you are wearing a huge, knit sweater.

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2. Purple Hue

We don’t know what it is about Fall, but our minds always go to oranges, browns and deep purples. Wether you casually incorporate this hue into your dark, brown locks or go for a punky, purple color, you really can’t go wrong. Avoid lavender until Wintertime when icy is all the rage.

3. Soft Jet

Nothing gives us witchy vibes quite like some black locks. But this season, we’re going a tad softer. Instead of black hair looking harsh against your skin tone/complexion, try soft jet. It’s a much softer hue that will compliment all skin tones and hair textures.

4. Face-Framing Highlights

Similar to the baby lights, you can still keep that light in your hair! Face-framing highlights give your face an extra glow while keeping the rest of your hair in line with the changing leaves. Plus, it’s much cheaper to do these highlights in the front of your hair instead of coloring throughout.

5. Dark Roots

A beauty trend all of us lazy girls can get behind. This low-maintenance look gives us a sexy yet edgy look that screams Fall. Not only is it more affordable (since you’re spending less time and money fixing those roots), but you’re also showing off more of your natural tone which only eventuates your eyebrows and skin tone.

6. Copper Red

As we mentioned, nothing is more Fall than red. Think apples, leaves and your favorite lipstick. Naturally, your hair should match the season. Bombshell red is always in style, but copper colors further match the Autumn leaves around you.

7. Honey Hues

No matter what time of year, blondes are always in fashion. But instead of turning it up a knotch, cool down a bit. Switch out that icy or platinum look with warmer tones like honey and caramel. It also doesn’t hurt to have some shades of brown towards the nape of your neck. You know, to keep it natural.

8. Chocolate Brown

Browns aren’t just meant to be worn during the Fall. Chocolate brown gives us all the warm feelings of hot chocolate and late Autumn nights. Go for the darkest shade, between auburn and black for a rich, deep brown.

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